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Thank you for your enquiry and we look forward to assisting you with this life-changing decision.  Using Key Building Consultants you can expect fast, reliable and accurate information that will provide you with more clarity about the property you are about to purchase/sell/occupy. The best building inspections in Sydney by far!


Hear what our client's have to say!

Deborah C,  Cobbity,

Their inspection report was very thorough and the customer service was faultless.  I can not praise this company highly enough and would strongly recommend Mannie Benkovic and Key Building Consultants as a reputable, reliable and professional company.  27th Sep 2018


Jane Redman,  Thorton,

Fantastic service.  Mannie was very professional and talked me through the whole process.  Great written report with photo. Follow up with a phone call to make sure I understood the report and is available to talk to if i need him.  Thanks Mannie  17 May 2018


G.J.  Cheltenham Property.  


Mannie did a great job for us on a pre-auction building inspection. Really knowledgeable, reliable and honest which is what we look for in people where trust is essential. The follow-up conversation giving us insight and valuable information ahead of the auction would have potentially saved us money on the purchase to put towards necessary repairs and avoided us overpaying for a house that needed work. Unfortunately, we missed out at auction, but I knew where I needed to end my bidding because of what I knew ahead of auction. I can recommend Mannie and would use him again without hesitation.  14th March 2007

65, Five star, organic references like these within the last 8 years  


building inspections Sydney
building inspections sydney

In achieving happiness, health  and a prosperous life people require accurate information. Our vision is to inform you with integrity, intelligence and accuracy bringing fairness and accountability to the decision making process.


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building inspections sydney

All our building inspectors are licensed builders, qualified pest and termite inspectors and all Inspections are carried out promptly. We have expert knowledge in the building, constuction, pest, termite, asbestos and house mould identification. After reading your report, you will know whether you want to buy the home or investment property, negotiate a better price for the property or look for a different property. Our reports are totally independent - we have no affiliations with anyone.  It is important to seek independent advice so don’t let your real-estate agent organise your inspections. 


Buying our first or dream home is something that we all aspire to regardless of our age. Sometimes finding the right property can take years and once we do, we want to be 100% certain that everything is as it appears. At Key Building Consultants, we offer clients comprehensive building inspections in Sydney to ensure that when you purchase your dream home, it is just that, a dream and not a nightmare.


We understand that once you have found your ideal home it may not remain on the market for long and that you need to act quickly without cutting any corners. All our property inspections are conducted in a timely manner and we will provide you with reliable and accurate information that gives you more detail and clarity about the property you are about to purchase, sell or occupy. In fact, we would go as far as to say that we provide the best house inspections in Sydney!


All our building inspectors are licensed builders, qualified pest and termite inspectors so you can be confident that your building inspection in Sydney will be conducted by a true professional. Our teams are experienced in all aspects of building inspections and the reports we produce are detailed but easy to understand. We carry out pre-purchase building inspections on new builds as well as existing properties.


Our areas of expertise include building, construction, termite, asbestos and mould identification. The information that we provide in our reports will put you in the perfect position to decide whether you wish to continue with your purchase or look for an alternative. You will be able to negotiate a better price or agree on work that needs to be carried on, meaning that you are in a strong position to get the best property at the best price.


Our reports are totally independent and we have no affiliation with any other parties. Obtaining a building inspection report is something that is hugely important and it is something that needs to be independent so never allow your real-estate agent to organise this on your behalf. Regardless of how professional they are, they will have their own vested interests that may cloud their judgement and leave you with a nasty surprise a few weeks or months down the line.


When you employ the services of Key Building Consultants, you can be confident that the information is accurate, informative and reliable whilst at the same time being produced promptly in a professional document that is easy to understand. The information provided in the report will, of course, be explained to you by one of our building inspectors.


If you would like more information about our building inspections in VIC and NSW, including pest, mould and asbestos inspection you can call us on 0410 680 507 or alternatively contact us via our website. A member of our team will be on hand to answer your questions and arrange for building inspector to visit the property at a time that suits you.

Builders Licence Number 260561C
Key Building Consultants Pty Ltd trading as Choice Additions

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